Sunday, May 1, 2011

So give up on me yet?

Given up looking for anything new? I wouldn't blame you if you have, cause I would except I have to come here to check out your blogs.

What are my excuses?

  • Work has kept me so busy that the thought of sitting at a computer after work is just not happening.

  • The camera I've been using refused to take pictures. It kept turning off 2 seconds after I would turn it on. Why it's working now ... beats me!

  • I'm boring?

  • I spend so much time reading books & completing projects that..... wait I think I've used this one before.

hmmm anyway here's a knitting project that took me a month but was so worth it.

It's a fun little cardigan sweater with POCKETS!!! Aren't they so cute! I took a class to de-stress from work and so loved it. Call me what ever you want but honestly sitting around chatting with a bunch of knitters after a long day of analytical thinking was sooooo great!

Also one Saturday morning at 3a.m. I figured since I couldn't sleep I would sew up a fun little project. Hey's there another reason - my sleep patterns have been so wonky that I've been unable to blog.

Here's the project. It's a simple drawstring bag that I made to carry my lunch to work everyday. It's kind of cutesy but does the job real good and beats the plastic grocery bag hands down. Also it makes me smile to look at it. The drawstrings are shoelaces! I'm so pleased with my inventiveness.

So there you have it. And for all those who had begun to wonder, yes I was swallowed by a black hole of workaholicsim but thankfully between the yarn & the fabric am slowly pulling myself out. Here's hoping it doesn't take me another 2-3 months to post anything. ... of course that dumb camera died after my second picture ... grrrr

Thursday, February 3, 2011


Wait ... (sigh) now it's gone. Amazing isn't it. You're so excited to see the paycheck in your account, and it's more then planned. Then 10 minutes later, after running the numbers through the ol'budget, you now have NOTHING!!!!!!

What is a girl to do? Be VERY THANKFUL! Cause the bills got paid and the "loans" she had to take out to cover her during the whole unemployed business got repaid. Which means she can hold her head up again.

Oh, and for those who hadn't heard ... yep it's back to the salt mines for me.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mums the word

At least that's how I feel January tends to turn out for me. I usually take the whole month to figure out any goals I want to work on for the year. There's a growing list of books I've been considering reading. There's projects I think about but just don' t get started on. I wonder and ponder and just try to figure out what the year is going to be like and what I want to accomplish. These days I feel rather closed mouth, not that I'm keeping any big secrets, just not ready to commit to a course just yet......

Any of you ever feel that way?

By the way, the camera's broke which also explains the lack of posts for the last month or so.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Been done for a few days. Saturday in fact was the day I finished up Christmas presents. That has never happened before, ever. It's not all the presents I need to make but it was the major ones for this year. I lay in bed Saturday night thinking of this feat and wondering, "Now What?"

Little did I know (or want) the answer to that question to be ... a cold!!! Yep, first thing Sunday Morning, hitting like a ton of bricks. Grrrrr, today it's reached the coughing fit stage. I HATE that stage. The irony is between coughing fits, I feel perfectly fine and ready to get off that stupid couch.

Oh well, it is the season ;) Hope you are all more well then me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's been happing this way

I so want to post.

I want to tell about the project I'm working on. I want to show you pictures. I want to talk and talk and talk ... but it's a Christmas present and has to be kept a SECRET. It's so hard. I'm terrible at keeping secrets. Evidenced by the number of people who DO know about it. [And if you're one of the ones who do; DO NOT forget YOU KNOW NOTHING! ]

I want to tell you all about the grain research I've been doing but ......

Ya that's what happens. I just can't seem to find the ....


I want to show pictures of my latest successes in the kitchen but the camera's got low batteries. I just changed them but still it says "low battery" and then "goodbye"; which is then followed by teeth grinding and incoherent mumbling. Even if I were to go searching for replacement batteries there are SOME people in this house that like to eat their dinner while it's hot. Go figure! You should have seen the look I got when I calmly said "Hold IT, until after I find batteries, I need a picture. (the spoon was in mid air at time of request ;)

Instead, all you get is this. Oh well, Happy Fall

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I went camping with my mom and brother and his family last week. It was so awesome. I love it. Sorry there's no pictures cause ... I didn't think to bring a camera. We put up one section of a huge o'army tent. (20ft X 8 ft) The kids were so much help with that monster. We only stayed for one night. Of course it was cold, but that was expected. I kept pretty warm, just couldn't sleep cause the egg carton padding was worthless. Boy was the ground hard! At breakfast, I couldn't help wondering why eggs, hashbrowns & sausage cooked on a griddle, eaten with dirt encrusted fingernails in freezing fall weather was SO STINKING GOOD! Must be the magic of camping in the great out doors.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

About 2 Weeks ....

I was asked recently how long it would take me to make an afghan.

Well ... remember this?

This is what's left.
Where did it all go?

Colorful isn't it?